#30 Congress Snoozes

Join John and Tom as they take you through the arcana of the Mexican Congress and whether or not they will ever pass a bill regulating the use of the armed forces in fighting crime. AMLO taking the heat over the Ayotzinapa tragedy in the hometown of his old buddy Rudy Giuliani.

And why was there no soccer in Mexico last weekend?

One thought on “#30 Congress Snoozes

  1. ronmader says:

    Developing my MexicoExplained Wiki profile. Can you answer the followning questions:
    What are the lessons learned making Mexico Explained?
    Who is the audience?
    What sort of feedback do you want from the audience?
    Are there shownotes?
    How can I subscribe to your podcast?
    Is there a way to share a timestamp?
    Who are your favorite, must-follow accounts for Mexico?

    Timestamp – (26:20) is the story of the week on this feature. How do we link to it so that sports-seeking friends can check this out. ‘No refs, no game.’


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